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While the surroundings of Strand Hotel Fevik give room for thoughts, its interesting history gives it a special character and atmosphere.

The hotel sets the scene for numerous exciting stories about people and incidents that have contributed to give the hotel its soul and its individuality over the years. Thanks to our food project «a taste of history» several stories are now being told. Here you can read more about the history and find a sample of some chapters in the ?fairytale?. For the guests of our hotel, more good stories are waiting to be served.

once upon a time

Axel Rosenkrantz de Lassen Lund from Denmark was a man with great visions and a strong personality. He is often referred to as «the Norwegian Hotel King». In 1934 he laid the foundation of the hotel he had visioned at Fevik seaside. Two years later, Strand Hotel Fevik was completed. Building the hotel had cost 350.000 Norwegian krone (about 43 750 ?), and at the time it was a spectacular building.
The hotel doors first opened on 17th of May 1937, and this was when the adventure really started.The architect was Eilert Smith. He had direct family ties to one of the most powerful and wealthy families in Stavanger during the 1700-1800s.The first managers were Frida and Harald Hansen, who had worked for the hotelier Lund in Stavanger. The hotel became both a place for local gatherings, and a popular place for visiting guests. In the beginning, the hotel had only 40 rooms with 70 beds. However, it could host up to 120 guests.

the glorious years

With thanks to its idyllic location and high standards, Strand Hotel Fevik soon attracted people from far and wide. The aromas of tasty dishes were dancing along the hallways, and guests were entertained by magnificent performances. The hotel was known as a popular place to go dancing. Famous musicians created a special ambience during dinners and dances. Finn Våland was a famous musician at the hotel, playing regularly during the summer seasons.Many visitors stayed for several weeks, and many of them became returning guests. One of them was a Scotsman named McEvan. He visited for the first time in 1937, and then returned regularly until the 1970s. People called him «the ice-water?, giving birth to a Scottish myth.Another guest was the world-famous author Roald Dahl, best known for his magical stories ?Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?, ?Matilda? and ?The Witches?. The man with the inexhaustible imagination visited Strand Hotel Fevik several summers together with his Oscar- winning wife actress Patricia Neal. Roald Dahl stayed at a simply furnished room with a balcony, so that he could look out over the sea whenever he wanted, seeking inspiration for his adventure stories.

occupation and difficult times

The hotel benefited from three good summer seasons before the War broke out and Strand Hotel Fevik was occupied by German officers in April/May 1940. Thanks to the manager at the time, Frida Hansen, and her husband Harald, the hotel was saved from major destructions. As soon as the hotel was liberated in 1945, it was redecorated and made ready for reopening in 1946. The years after the war were tough, and the hotel had to rely on help from the neighboring farms in order to provide the necessary supplies.Just after the War, the English moved into the hotel and were very popular in the area. The war was over and better times were in sight. A very special man returned home after many years as a prisoner of war in Germany. His name was Arne Bjørklund. In 1949 he became the new manager of Strand Hotel Fevik, and he ran the hotel until 1956, until Axel Lund took over the position. In 1957 he built the small annex «Stjernen? (the star) at one side of the hotel, and a cafeteria at the other side facing the road.

an exotic chapter

In 1961 an exotic wind blew into Strand Hotel Fevik, as Mrs Espinoza took over the leadership. Married to an employee at the Cuban embassy in Oslo, she managed the hotel with an iron hand until 1975. Every winter, Mrs Espinoza and her husband visited Spain, and many foreign dishes found their way to Fevik. Few people know Mrs Espinoza?s first name, but her personality has been printed into the memory of many. She didn?t smile a lot, but she was a formidable woman who contributed to many anecdotes about the hotel.In 1975, the hotel was sold to Torbjørn Evenbye, who built the conference building and modernized many of the rooms. After the businessman Ugland took over in 1982, the modernization was completed ? so now the original summer-hotel has become an all-year-round hotel. Since then, the hotel has had several owners, and before the present owners took over in June 1998, the hotel was owned by Choice Hotels and Petter Stordalen. During this period, a lot of work and money was being put into refurbishing the hotel.

a new era

Strand Hotel Fevik got a visionary new proprietor, Agnes Berntsen. By combining her own passion and commitment with the skills and dedication of the staff, she has brought the hotel back to its glory days. Following substantial renovation, the historical part of the hotel is now looking its finest once again, fully upgraded to modern standards of comfort.
On 28 October 2010 the hotel opened the finest course, conference and banqueting facilities on Norway?s south coast, along with a fabulous wellness area and 42 new guest rooms, suites and apartments. Great care was taken to preserve the historical aspects and features, which gives the hotel its unique feel and personality.
The architecture of the new extension is in complete harmony with the Functionalist style of the older building. Roger Hampton from the firm of Halvorsen & Reine is the architect behind the extension. His vision is of a one-of-a-kind hotel that belongs perfectly in its unique setting.

We look forward to welcoming you to a new chapter in our history!