Strand Hotel Fevik is one of the few remaining
functionalist hotels in Norway. After development, the beautiful funky hotel appears as a leading hotel for courses and conferences, holidays and celebrations.

About the hotel

The architecture of the modern new building has been erected in full harmony with the historical part, and from the southernmost nicest banquet hall you can enjoy the views of the sea and soft dunes just outside the doors. With a nice wellness department, this is probably the closest to a Mediterranean holiday in Norway.

Ever since 1937, Strand Hotel Fevik has emerged as an exotic sanctuary in the archipelago. The hotel has had a magical attraction to people from far and near, and several famous names have visited the hotel and contributed to exciting stories. Author Roald Dahl was the regular guest for over 30 years, along with his Oscar-rewarded wife Patricia Neal.

The hotel is run with a passionate commitment adapted to our time of well-being and standard. With us you can expect service, stimulus and a multitude of experiences where you as a guest are in the center.

Strand Hotel Fevik is owned by Classic Norway Hotels.