Fevik is from ancient times known as an attractive resort, with idyllic archipelago, harbor, beach beaches and many great activities. The animal park in Kristiansand is only a 25 minute drive away.

Fevik has good bus connections, both to Oslo and Kristiansand, with a number of daily departures. Kjevik airport is just an approx. 35 min. drive away. Guests arriving by plane to Kristiansand can also take the airport bus from there to Fevik. From Kristiansand there is also a good ferry connection to Denmark with Colorline.

There is also a good bus service to Torp Airport at Sandefjord. Ryan Air has Torp as its airport. From Torp, take a taxi a few km to get to Sørlandsbussen stopover. The bus goes on to Kristiansand. The trip to Fevik takes approx. 3 hours.

Nearest train station is located in Arendal, with good connections to Oslo and Stavanger.

Lat 58.372341 and Long 8.667636

Travel information:


Departure No. 76 if you come from the east
Exit 78 if you are from the west

Electric car

Strand Hotel Fevk is a Tesla destination hotel and has 3 charging points available for Tesla.
In addition to 4 other charging points for all types of cars.

Contact reception at check-in for access to charging points.

Sørland Expressen
Tel: 37 02 61 97 or 177

Tel: 37 02 61 97 or 177

Tel: 37 93 15 15

The airport bus
Tel: 37 02 61 97 or 177
Kjevik / Kristiansand Airport
Train (NSB)
Tel: 815 00 888

color line
Tel: 810 00 811