Strand Hotel Fevik cooperates with selected artists and events, offering activities, professional content or pure entertainment for our guests.

Sveinung Hølmebakk: singer and humorist
Sveinung Hølmebakk is one of the three members of the Nordic Tenors, who won the Best Price Awards in 2006 and really broke through when they were musical toast masters in HM King Harald's 70th birthday. Sveinung Hølmebakk often moves between opera, soul and popballader. With humor, warmth and voice, he is both able to touch and thrill his audience. Sveinung is also widely used as a singing conference presenter. He has participated in a number of TV shows, including Beat for Beat, Ten on Topp, Evening in the evening, Summer Open and Fårkveld.

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Wannado - playful and pioneering!

Wannado specializes in a short and team-building energy boost between meetings and dinner.
Here you can choose between indoor or outdoor activities to stimulate both body and mind.
Latteryoga, team building, murder rides and Wannado's own twist on 71 ° north are some of the activities they offer.
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Teambuilding Strand Hotel Fevik
Boost your energy with Kristin Scharin Unander, Yoga teacher and nurse.

Menu 1
Juicing: Blissful blend-humor, dedication and inspiration.
Join and make delicious composite juices with flavors of berries, fruits and vegetables. All this in combination with simple exercises that solve stiff neck and shoulders after busy days at home or at work. My goal is to give renewed energy to body and mind, so that you are better equipped for a new busy week in a modern life.
Duration : 75 minutes
Price per person: kr 350, - (minimum 10 people)

Menu 2
Stress down with yoga, humor, dedication and enthusiasm.
The course gives you the opportunity to do exercises that contribute to improved breathing and agility in the body. Breathing is an important part of reducing body stress. We therefore use the breath to reduce stress and find more peace of mind. Participants should put in clothes that give the opportunity to move freely (do not need training clothes). The course is suitable for everyone, including beginners. All participants bring a small program they can lay on the office desk or at home with simple exercises for the shoulders, neck and hands.
Duration : 75 minutes
Price per person: kr 270, - (minimum 10 people)

Menu 3
PT timer humor, dedication and inspiration.
A PT hour means that you as an individual or possibly two people will be able to work with exercises that suit the individual. Both according to Physical form and a possible disease image. Participants get a program that they can use. Current topics for such a course will be focus on neck, shoulders, hips or improved posture.
Duration: 75 minutes
Price per person: kr 950, - (minimum 10 people)

The hotel charges the individual companies kr. 1500, - for premises, linked to the courses in the menu selection.

Kristin Scharin Unander:
Tel. 48 23 65 35

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