Banqueting rooms

Our banqueting rooms


A nice local facing the sea and direct access to the garden. Here it is nice to cover the long table. Suitable for smaller companies up to 20 people.

The room is located on the lower floor facing the sea with direct access to the garden. Can be covered with long table, horse shoe or cafe table. There is a fireplace in the room which is often heated to give extra warm mood. Suitable for a company up to 55 guests.

Axel Lund
The room has large glass windows facing the sea and a nice, bright interior. Can be covered with long table, horse shoe or cafe table as desired. Suitable for companies from 35 to 60 people.

The Grand Neptune is facing the sea, with a beautiful curved conservatory surrounding it. The hall has a fantastic view and acoustics, and Sørlandet's best dance floor. The hall is covered with long tables or smaller group tables. Suitable for a company up to 250 people.

Enclosures Neptune, and has large glass surfaces with magical views right on the beach and the ocean. Here you can cover up to 50 people.

Heaven and Sea
A circular banquet will turn directly to the beach. Large windows and beautiful sea views make for a perfect setting for many unforgettable events and weddings. We cover for a party with a round table or long table. The hall has a dance floor, and its own mingle area with bar and direct access to the terrace and the garden. Suitable for companies up to 120 people.

The Neptune and Heaven and Sea areas have upgraded music systems that are easily connected to their own PC / PA equipment. Wireless microphones are available. Use of this equipment does not incur additional costs, but you are responsible for the music yourself. Sound testing and rigging of equipment is clarified with the responsibility of the hotel.

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