The wellness area

Our guests are welcome to the beautiful wellness area with jacuzzi inside and outside, sauna and exercise room. opening hours are from kl. 07.00 to 19.30. At the banqueting company event, the outdoor hot tub is open until noon. 14.00.

Strand Hotel Fevik is an environmentally certified hotel, therefore the sauna is turned on as required. Please let us know 2 hours before you wish to use the sauna.


The hotel collaborates with Eli-Ann Degns Clinic, which performs both massage and muscle therapy at the hotel.
Essential oils are used, which are mixed with a local Aromaterapaut, possibly neutral oil without odor. Depth and stiffness as desired.

For booking time, Eli-Ann can be reached on phone 926 39 890, or go to and enter Eli Ann Degn in the online booking box.